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Our Consultants can assist you on a consulting basis to help you determine possible privacy policy gaps within your hardware business. If need be, we can also help draft your security policies.

Our fee based services work in conjunction with the Premium Red Flags Program (1) hour FREE Consulting and Program customization should you determine you need additional policy development. 

Your company may be offering information to employees routinely through e-mail, newsletters and workshops.

However, you may have determined more is needed to ensure a higher level of security. By developing formal policies, this will help you avoid internal problems resulting from weak or verbally communicated directives. 

A sound program begins with ensuring your Managers are fully engaged with employees in their organization -

- More about our Consulting Services -

Consultants are available to help you construct policies specific to your business environment. 

IDTELi has learned over time, simply rolling out mandates required by consumer data protection laws, employee training often times lack the desired effectiveness or results you expect.

Managerial coaching is an essential component to the success of any security/education program. With this being said, managers attending a FREE IDTELi Assurance Program webinar will be better prepared to not only rollout an awareness/prevention program, but they will learn how to ensure their organizations are an integral part of the companies security program and not just an item to be checked off the list of business legal requirements.

Additionally, measurements need to be in place as a way to validate information retention. This should be considered a necessary part of your long term prevention strategy. Look to IDTELi to assist you with developing a follow-up Assurance Program which works in concert with business data security goals and expectations. 

Not Sure of Your Business Privacy Policy Needs?

(1) Free Hour Program Consulting & Customization is included in the Premium Programs. Additional Consulting time available on (1/2) hour or hourly basis to discuss:

Payment for consulting is required at the time you schedule your desired time period. Consulting times are blocked out at (1/2) hour minimums. 

If more time is needed, you need to discuss availability and arrange more time with your Consultant. However, for security purposes, you must go online and pay prior to continuing or rescheduling the consultation session.

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(1) Hour Consulting $125

Online Payments


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(1/2) Hour Consulting $  75

* Payment required at time of session scheduling

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